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Fans Check-in for Health ‘MOT’ at Emirates Old Trafford ODI on Sunday 24 June

Fans Check-in for Health ‘MOT’ at Emirates Old Trafford ODI on Sunday 24 June

A free match-day ‘health check’ service for fans attending this Sunday’s England v Australia One Day International is expected to save lives through early detection of major killers such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and oral cancer.

The health promotion intervention, called Boundaries for Life, will give fans over the age of 35 the chance to undergo a free health screening process - similar to a car’s annual MOT check - that will measure blood pressure, body mass index and cholesterol levels, all of which are key indicators relating to chronic diseases.

Fans will also be offered a dental screening to check for any early warning signs of mouth cancer, and for the first time this season, a ‘heart age’ test, providing fans with information on their heart age in comparison to their actual age.

The checks are only 20 minutes long, and will be available free of charge until the start of the second innings behind C Stand, in front of the Indoor Cricket Centre reception. All participants will be given an MOT including simple healthy lifestyle advice, and if necessary, a referral letter to their doctor or dentist for follow up.

The Boundaries for Life initiative has been devised by a small consortium of health and sports stadia professionals, with the screening service provided by a team of volunteer doctors, dentists and nurses. Referring to the benefits of this new initiative Dr Chet Trivedy, clinical lead for Boundaries for Life, commented:

“Given that men in their 30’s and 40’s are particularly poor at presenting early symptoms of diseases to their GP, and with limitations on access to dental services, the availability of free health and dental checks in the relaxed atmosphere of a sporting event is a valuable resource in the early detection of symptoms associated with chronic diseases. We are particularly pleased to be offering fans a ‘heart age’ test for the first time in 2018, and explaining why it’s important to know blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.”

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