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Roses rivals unite through Lord’s Taverners Super 1s programme

Roses rivals unite through Lord’s Taverners Super 1s programme

Roses rivals unite through Lord’s Taverners Super 1s programme

Young people with disabilities from Lancashire and Yorkshire were at York St John University last week (8 August) to take part in a day of coaching sessions and competition as the rivals from either side of the pennines came together through cricket.

This was the first event of its kind for the national Lord’s Taverners Super 1s programme. Bringing participants from the two counties together gave participants the opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t experience. It provided them with the chance to experience a new environment while engaging with young people in a similar situation to them, and helped to build new friendships and an understanding of what others go through on a daily basis while also improving their cricket skills.

The day began with a range of cricket skills sessions focusing on all three facets of the game; batting, bowling and fielding, before participants from each county were mixed in to teams for an afternoon 8 over a-side competition so that young people from Lancashire and Yorkshire got to know each other for the first time and work towards a common goal of winning a competition.

Super 1s Programme Manager, Mark Bond, said: “It's great for the guys to meet people from different parts of the country. There’s a different range of ages and disabilities involved and as a young person with a disability you don’t often have a role model in your life that you can look up to that shows you how you can overcome your challenges. They’ll be able to learn from each other and pass on their own knowledge."

Lancashire Super 1s Disability Officer, Amlyn Layton, added: “Playing cricket through Super 1s helps young people improve their social and communication skills, while also helping them work as part of a team. Playing the game gives them the chance to know what it feels like to win and lose and helps them learn how to deal with that as a person.“

Delivered in Lancashire since 2017, Super 1s gives young people with disabilities the chance to play cricket regularly. By creating community cricket hubs, delivered weekly by county cricket boards, the programme gives disabled young people the chance to compete against their peers, enjoy the benefits of sport and live a more active life.

Lancashire Cricket Foundation currently have five community hubs delivering weekly cricketing opportunities. The programme benefits youngsters in all aspects of their life; it has been proven that engaging in regular sport helps young people develop personal skills, including confidence, leadership and independence.

To find out more about Super 1s in Lancashire please contact Lancashire Super 1s Development Officer Amlyn Layton on 07799 639838 or at alayton@lancashirecricket.co.uk.

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