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February/March 2024

The Lancashire Cricket Foundation Development Centres are cricket courses held at various venues around the county. The courses are aimed at players who wish to develop their all-round game, with a mixture of drills, skills and game-based sessions. The sessions are focused on the holistic approach to player development and will cover the technical, tactical, physical and mental side of the game.

The courses are run as Stage 1 to Stage 5 and delivered by our fully qualified level 2 and 3 coaches.

Full course descriptions can be found here – LCF Development Centre – Stage Description

Full list of batting and bowling Masterclasses for February/March can be found here

As an organisation we aim to make the Development Centres accessible to all. Therefore, to aid those families in receipt of Universal Credit, we offer a 50% discount so that an individual’s financial status isn’t a barrier to obtaining a place.

To claim the 50% discount please can you make payment in full at time of booking and email proof of your Universal Credit claim to developmentcentres@lancashirecricket.co.uk. A refund of 50% of the course fee will then be issued.




Stage Cost
Sunday 25th February - Sunday 24th March 2024

11am - 1pm

Total Cricket Ashton

Stage 5


Sunday 25th February - Sunday 24th March 2024

1pm - 3pm

Total Cricket Ashton

Stage 3/4


Sunday 25th February - Sunday 24th March 2024

3pm - 5pm Total Cricket Ashton Stage 4 £80

Tuesday 27th February - Tuesday 26th March 2024

6pm - 8pm

Stonyhurst College

Stage 4 Boys

Wednesday 28th February - Wednesday 27th March 2024 7pm - 9pm Stonyhurst College Stage 5 Boys £80
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