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Policy, procedure and guidance

Lancashire Cricket’s Safeguarding policy, guidance and documents serve to define, embed and empower all functions of the Foundation to work safely and effectively with all participants. They establish a minimum standard which are linked to national legislation, charity commission and ECB requirements and standards. They are regularly reviewed, updated and supported at Board level. The Lancashire Cricket Foundation Board statement can be viewed HERE  and the Lancashire Cricket Safeguarding Policy can be viewed HERE

Safeguarding structures and networks

Throughout our structure safeguarding is suitably represented and recognised. Our structure grows from Board level through to volunteers. We have a dedicated Safeguarding Manager, A County safeguarding Officer and Deputy, and departmental Managers who accept and ensure our operational safeguarding standards are implemented. Safeguarding is a regular agenda item across all functions helping to unconsciously embed safeguarding into our work.

Recruitment and Training

All staff who work with anyone under 18 or an adult at risk go through rigorous recruitment, selection, induction and training processes. This includes background checks (DBS) before they start working. Interviews, referencing and workplace monitoring to ensure they can do their job well. All staff have ECB safeguarding training, so they develop awareness know what to look for, and what to do to safeguard all children and adults.

Planning, delivery and review

Across our programmes we ensure that they are appropriately planned with goals and outcomes identified which will positively effect the participants across a range of topics, spanning cricket development to wellbeing initiatives to specific societal interventions. We ensure our sessions are appropriately planned and assessed with the correct staffing ratios based upon the groups needs being engaged. We actively and openly seek feedback and new initiatives where cricket can be used for social good. Our assurance activities also capture where we succeed and where we may be able to improve standards or develop new projects for a specific purpose.

Partnerships and organisations

We ensure that all partners and organisations that we work with are suitable and replicate, as a minimum standard, crickets safeguarding standards.


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