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Walking Cricket

Walking Cricket Continues to Thrive in St Helens

Walking Cricket was introduced in St Helens in late 2015 when Age UK Mid Mersey and Rainford Cricket Club partnered to deliver taster sessions at Peter Street Community Centre. The weekly sessions have continued ever since, and although funding from Age UK has ceased, the group continue to take part with great effort and enthusiasm.

After outgrowing their original home, the group moved to Thatto Heath Crusaders (Rugby League) Indoor Training Centre. Each player pays a weekly subscription, which provides a cup of tea or coffee after the cricket. This is an important part of the morning, as in addition to the obvious health benefits of exercise, the benefits of social interaction between the players is also evident.

Don’t be fooled that this is a largely sedate knock up on a Wednesday morning, the group have honed their skills and developed the game to suit their own needs, and despite their ageing years, the competitive spirit remains as fierce as ever.

The 10-12 regulars now bat in pairs rather than teams which means people sitting out. They have adopted indoor cricket rules, 1 run (or walk) for striking the ball against the side walls, 2 for a completed walk and a 4/6 boundary wall. Players umpire themselves, with one taking responsibility to score. Traditional cricket rules apply, with walking at all times, including when fielding.

For further information, or if you are interested in setting up your own group please contact Rob Tipping, by phone 07894584563, or email rtipping@lancashirecricket.co.uk.

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