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Initial Club Checklist

Initial Club Checklist - Have you considered the following? 


  • Gas / water / heating consider turning off at the club especially if the club is shutting for any period of time.
  • Can the club pause any direct debit / payments in agreement with a supplier?
  • Sky Sports – Is this still required? Can this be suspended / paused?


  • Keep in regular contact with your members using Email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Newsletters etc. 
  • Keep in regular contact with your League Secretary & Regional Development Manager

Overseas Players / Professionals

  • Check the Terms & Conditions for the clubs contractual obligations for any overseas player due to come to England this season, to mitigate against any potential loss
  • (Please await further guidance from the ECB – Details to follow)


  • Lancashire KO, U11, U13, U15 and U19 T20 - Details to follow
  • Village KO, Club National KO – Details to follow

Stock / Consumables 

  • To mitigate against any possible losses, if you have any stock that has a shelf life (Out of Date) - E.G. bottled beers, cans, draught (kegs), crisps etc. Consider possible action to release these stock/consumables with any prolonged closure period.

Upkeep of Grounds / Machinery

  • Depending on the start date or possible none start of the season, a planned approach needs to be considered for the ground to reduce the amount of time and money spent on things that may not be needed or are less required.


  • Members' Subscriptions – Can this be paid as per normal procedure?
  • Sponsors – Check that your sponsors are still going to support you?
  • Are there any upcoming events that will need to be cancelled?
  • If a club employs security or stewards, are they required, or can they be moved to a different contract?

We are awaiting more guidance from the ECB and will communicate this here in due course.

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