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21st March 2023

2023 Discipline Regulations – What do you have in place for this season?

Sharing the discipline regulations that your league/competition has adopted for the 2023 playing season will enable the ECB Anti-Discrimination Unit to contact relevant leagues on any centrally reported related issues.

Click below to share your discipline regulations.


Anti-Discrimination Training – ‘The Boundary Programme’

The ECB has recognised a need to support leagues with their handling of discrimination complaints.

The Boundary Programme is designed to equip recreational cricket with the knowledge and skills to minimise the risk of discrimination, both on-field, and in relevant off-field situations, and to respond to those incidents that occur.

This module includes: the reporting process, different types of discrimination, legislation, and how to address and investigate discrimination.

The training will be face to face and will be delivered in 11 locations around the UK between 11 April and 3 May 2023.

Places can be booked via the link below.



This week is #GroundsWeek and we are celebrating all those grounds managers who help to make cricket happen – why not shine a light on all the hard work your grounds team does? Use #GroundsWeek to let us know!

As part of our continuing support for grounds managers we have worked with our partners, the Grounds Management Association, to update the advice on preparing pitches and managing grounds on the GMA Toolkit for Cricket. Click below to review the advice.


The Female Umpiring Conference

The ECB is hosting the first National Female Umpire Conference at Cranfield University on Saturday 15 April 2023, and there are still places available. The event is for current umpires, those who volunteer in cricket who may be asked to umpire, and those considering umpiring in the future.

It will provide learning opportunities through workshops and bring together amazing role models within cricket, (including international umpires Sue Redfern and Anna Harris) who will be on hand to answer questions. The event is free to attend, and places are still available, although limited.


Introducing Club Zing

Zing is excited to announce Club Zing, a flashing wicket system for amateur cricket that is as bright as the TV system, but with more LEDs that flash in all directions.

A Club Zing kit includes Zing bails and stumps for both ends of the pitch and all accessories needed to keep you Zinging.

Zing can tailor the contents of the kit to your club’s needs. You can also brand the Zing stumps with stickers containing sponsor or club imagery. See our website for prices, or Whatsapp/email Luke on +61431376349 or lukem@zings.biz with any questions.


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