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Friends of the Foundation

Join Friends of the Foundation

The Lancashire Cricket Foundation works across the North West to develop and deliver a range of projects, programmes and events designed to engage, excite, inspire and improve individuals and communities through cricket. 

Established as the official charity of Lancashire Cricket Club, the Lancashire Cricket Foundation provides governance for the recreational game and high quality experiences that make a positive difference to the lives of the individuals and communities we engage in order to grow the appeal of the game at all levels. 


Now you can also play your part, by becoming a Friend of the Foundation.

Become a member

Members will have the opportunity to win unique money can’t buy prizes, large cash prizes and receive invitations to exclusive events.

However, Friends of the Foundation is also about creating an exclusive group of people to help support and sustain our important work within the community.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Foundation, then read more and download the application form below.

  • Lottery Results

    We need one thousand special people to become Foundation Friends. Are you ‘one in a thousand’? There are lots of big cash prizes, ‘money can’t buy’ experiences, special events and offers. The cost is only £2 per week and joining could not be easier.

    Simply select your own four numbers and complete the attached application form. The weekly jackpot starts at £1000 and rolls over & increases each week. If the prize reaches £5,000 we guarantee that one of our Friends of the Foundation will win that week! View the latest draw winners on the news section of the website.

  • Player Link Up

    As a Friend of the Foundation you are very special to us and in addition to the prizes on offer, to celebrate Lancashire CCC’s 150th anniversary, each Friend will be drawn at random to be paired with a Lancashire cricketer past or present.

    You could be drawn as a partner for current England star James Anderson or one of the many legends from the past such as Andrew Flintoff, Jack Bond or Wasim Akram. A list of all Friends of the Foundation along with their cricketing partners will be displayed on the club’s website and this will link our Friends with the wonderful history of Lancashire County Cricket Club.

  • How to Join

    Simply complete and return the application form to our address. We are limiting membership to just 1000 people, players must be aged 16 or over to enter. The cost of each entry is £2 per weekly draw payable in advance by Direct Debit or Cheque. You must choose 4 numbers between 1 and 31, or use our lucky dip random number selection facility.

    These numbers will remain the same for the entire period of play unless you elect to change them. Match 4 and you win the current Jackpot Total with a minimum of £1000 and a maximum of £5000.

    The draw takes place weekly at the Friends of the Foundation administration office and results are published on the website. Please consider supporting the Foundation in this very worthwhile cause.

    We wish you the very best of luck in the prize draws.

  • Apply Here

    If you would like to apply for the Lancashire Cricket Foundation's Friend of the Foundation, please click the link below.


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