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Warren Heggs calls up Lancashire and Sporting Memories for Life group Member

Warren Heggs calls up Lancashire and Sporting Memories for Life group Member

Former Lancashire captain Warren Hegg has been helping the club keep a check on some of their most vulnerable members during the Coronavirus outbreak with catch-up phone calls, including with one member of the Foundation's Sporting Memories for Life group.

Lancashire are one of a number of counties making check calls to some of their elderly members who have been hit hard by the lack of cricket until at least the end of May.

Hegg, who retired from playing in 2005 and has since been an integral part of the county’s commercial and business teams, is currently the Head of Cricket Business at Emirates Old Trafford.

“Part of what we’re doing is getting players and other key figures on the cricket side of the club to speak to a targeted group of members and just catch up with them,” he explained.

“We’ll have a chat and reminisce about their favourite games and players, how long they’ve been a member and make sure they’re doing alright in general at this time.

“Most of those we’re speaking to are above 80-years-old. The demographics of those men and women who watch county cricket are generally in the older fraternity.

“This time of year, they are usually counting the days down until they get to see their first games of the summer. Unfortunately they currently haven’t got that escape following the winter months and rubbish weather.

“They see this is a big hit to their social lives when they can’t go and sit on a blustery stand with a bag of sandwiches and a pint or a hot flask.”

Even prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, Hegg and some other Lancashire greats had been involved with a Sporting Memories initiative set up by the club’s Foundation.

Hegg explained: “Sporting Memories is a group who get together for an hour or so to discuss their memories of not just cricket, but football as well.

“Lancashire, Manchester United and Manchester City are big topics for discussion. I’m not just pigeon holing those clubs, there’s Stockport County, Bury, Bolton discussed as well.

“Myself and Jack Simmons did one last year and talked about our careers, and it’s really interesting and enjoyable.

“It’s for people who suffer from some mental health problems. They get together, and it helps them in their everyday lives.”



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