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Joining the Young Volunteer Academy: A Journey of Growth and Opportunity

Twelve months ago, Hope Anderson took a step that help shape her career and personal development as she joined the Young Volunteer Academy. Hope’s motivation was to gain real-world experience within the cricket industry. The academy presented  unique opportunities that she had not encountered before, particularly within cricket. It promised a comfortable and low-pressure environment, surrounded by peers of similar age (16-25) and shared interests. This unique opportunity felt too valuable to pass up.

From Volunteer to Full-Time Staff At LCF

Hope Anderson, Cricket Development Coach said: Reflecting on my journey, it is evident that the Young Volunteer Academy played a crucial role in securing my current full-time position with LCF. The academy provided me with hands-on experience in tasks that are now part of my weekly responsibilities. It also served as a platform to showcase my existing skills and talents. This combination of practical experience and skill development was key in building my confidence to apply for my current role, assured of my capability to perform all tasks.

The academy helped with the building of relationships with my (now) colleagues, which eased my transition into my full-time role. The connections established during my time as a volunteer have flourished, enhancing my professional network within LCF.

The Academy's Impact: Highlights and Personal Growth

The impact of the academy on Hopes personal and professional growth has been overwhelmingly positive. It provided her with experiences and opportunities that she would not have encountered elsewhere, significantly boosting her confidence and self-belief in pursuing a career in cricket.

Hope said: “There were numerous highlights during my time at the academy. Some of the most memorable include participating in Dynamos activations on major match days, including the Ashes, engaging in a photography day, and assisting at school finals competitions. Additionally, the academy was a fantastic avenue for meeting new people and making lifelong friends.

One of the aspects I particularly appreciated was the flexibility and freedom offered by the academy. There was no stringent requirement to attend every event; instead, I could choose the activities that fit my interests and availability, which was extremely beneficial while juggling my studies.”

Advice for Aspiring Volunteers

For anyone uncertain about volunteering, Hope’s advice is simple: go for it! Volunteering opens doors to unique experiences that can enhance your personal and professional development. It provides a chance to gain invaluable experience that can set you apart in your future career. You can engage as much or as little as you wish, taking full advantage of the opportunities that interest you. Embrace the chance to volunteer, and you might just find it to be a transformative experience, as Hope did.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Young Volunteer Academy you can express an interest here

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