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Krimmz Girls Youth Club Empowering Youth Through Cricket in Bolton

Krimmz Girls Youth Club, a dynamic community organization in Bolton, is leading the way with its inclusive approach to youth development through cricket. Khadija Patel, a driving force behind the club's initiatives, sheds light on their impactful work with the All Stars and Dynamos bursaries, catering to both boys and girls in the community.

Founded as a volunteer-led initiative, Krimmz Girls Youth Club offers a diverse range of sports and enrichment activities for the Bolton community. Their cricket journey, which commenced in November 2021 with girls-only sessions, has witnessed remarkable growth and engagement.

The collaboration with the Lancashire Cricket Foundation has been pivotal in expanding their reach and impact. Initially focusing on girls-only Chance to Shine street sessions, Krimmz Girls Youth Club ensured that the coaching staff met the religious and cultural requirements of the participants. Due to the escalating demand, the club also extended its offerings to include boys participation in cricket, further enriching the sporting landscape in Bolton.    

Khadija Patel said: "Having access to cricket for the local youth in Bolton has had a great impact with a variety of skills being developed, not just physical but confidence and self esteem too within the participants. We’ve had parents get involved with our sessions by volunteering and some who will be going on looking at formal qualifications"

Krimmz Girls Youth Club is committed to continuing the growth and development opportunities for its participants. Following the initial 8-week All Stars and Dynamos sessions, the club is determined to explore avenues for further development. With dedicated club coaches driving progress and accessibility, the vision extends to expanding participation and potentially establishing a women's team in the future, although the primary focus remains on nurturing the youth.

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