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Sefton Park Cricket Club Inspires Girls Through Dynamos Bursary Project

Sarah John and Sarah Jackson - representing Sefton Park Cricket Club, are at the forefront of nurturing girls' cricket in Lancashire through the Dynamo's bursary project. In a recent conversation, they shared insights into the impact on the community.

The journey began two seasons ago when Sefton Park Cricket Club established its Girls section, aiming to promote physical activity, skill development and to create friendships among young girls through cricket. However, their aspirations took a significant leap forward with the introduction of the Dynamo's for Girls programme. The Lancashire Cricket Foundations bursary, coupled with the generous free hall hire from Firefit, enabled the club to offer eight sessions of cricket coaching to girls in the community at no cost.

The impact of the bursary was far-reaching. It not only facilitated skill development in bowling, batting, and fielding but also fostered a sense of teamwork among the participants. With 24 girls signing up and the recruitment of eight activators (parents and players) to support the sessions alongside qualified coaches, the initiative garnered overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the community.

Sarah Jackson said "Highlights included some much improved bowling, batting and fielding, a large game of dodge ball and a “festive special” final session to complete the programme. All the girls really listened, engaged and supported each other very well The enthusiasm of the parents, activators and girls has been brilliant - the girls inspire us every week and we cant wait to run further sessions and get them playing outdoor cricket in the summer"


As Sefton Park Cricket Club looks forward to a future filled with opportunities for girls in cricket, the Dynamo's bursary project stands as a testament of power, collaboration and inclusivity in sports development.


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