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Lancashire Cricket Foundation is pleased to provide details of the ECB County Grants Fund (CGF) for 2024.

The Lancashire Cricket Foundation (LCF) is pleased to notify all affiliated clubs that the ECB County Grant Fund is now open.  The ECB County Grant Fund aims to support affiliated cricket clubs to create welcoming environments, provide enhanced facilities and playing opportunities, and to help clubs tackle the impact of climate change. The scheme is open to all ECB affiliated cricket clubs in England and Wales. Clubs can apply for between £1,000 (minimum) and £10,000 (maximum) per application.

2024 timelines for expressions of interest in first round of reviews, and thus first allocation:

  • 19th March for EOI
  • 20th March Review deadline. Reviewed by Panel. If successful clubs will be invited to submit a full application.
  • 30th April - Full submission deadline with all the supporting information to be eligible for first round of allocation reviews.
  • 1st May – Panel meeting review applications.   

ECB guidance notes can be found here :www.ecb.co.uk/play/club-support/club-funding/county-grant-fund

Please also note the following regards LCF’s agreed strategic priorities for investment in terms of this funding:

 *   We have taken the decision that as in previous years that our priorities when considering applications will focus on long-term sustainability of clubs, aligned with creating a more welcoming club environment and/or providing enhanced facilities and playing opportunities for Women’s and Girls cricket and/or Disability cricket.  We are also focusing on tackling climate change please see notes below in relation to Electric mowers and rollers.

 *   Before starting an application we’d recommend that you contact your Cricket Development Officer to discuss your project in more detail, ensure eligibility and the likelihood of your application being approved/successful.
Before submitting an application, we want to draw your attention the following:-

Electric Mowers or Rollers
 Applications are unlikely to be prioritised as we have elected to focus on the following:-
Creating a more welcoming club environment
Providing enhanced facilities and playing opportunities for Women’s and Girls cricket and/or Disability cricket.
These areas align with our County Facilities Strategy and our County Wide Plan.  You are able to make an application for either, but we feel that they aren’t a priority for us as at this stage, should that change we will inform clubs.  If you’d like to discuss this, again please contact your Cricket Development Officer.  

*Please pay particular attention to Eligibility (2.2) and note the following within that section: The application still asks clubs to upload the CSO Safe Hands certificate, however checks with be carried out by both ourselves and the ECB as to, has the club got a Safe Hands Management System profile and have at least 1 compliant Club Safeguarding Officer. This has been agreed in conjunction with the Safeguarding Team, so for 2024 clubs must be registered on SHMS and have a fully compliant CSO, uploading the certificate won’t be accepted by ECB if this isn’t reflected on SHMS.
* Other key areas which caused issues for most applications include having an ECB approved constitution (usually non-adoption of ECB Anti Discrimination Code and / or ECB Safe Hands policy), correct security of tenure and within the Supporting Evidence section, planning permission if required and correct supplier quotations.

*Clubs requesting support for changing new rooms must contact their Cricket Development officer at the earliest opportunity. All changing room designs must conform to ECB technical specifications.


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