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ECB Junior Cricket Recommendations

ECB Junior Cricket Recommendations

ECB Junior Cricket Recommendations - 2019

Since 2017 and in conjunction with the launch of the All Stars initiative, the ECB has conducted a thorough and significant national review of all junior cricket formats. Based on this extensive research conducted by an ECB / Loughborough University PhD research project, findings by other cricketing nations and having various formats piloted by selected clubs, schools and junior leagues throughout the Country, the ECB has proposed various recommendations to junior cricket formats to enhance the enjoyment, engagement and personal development of all players.

The recommended formats will give children a great experience of playing cricket, allowing them to develop skills in an age and stage appropriate environment. These formats are designed to help young players progress at their own pace and play in games which are best suited to their age and/or ability.

The standardised formats recommended focus on the following areas: 

  • The appropriate number of players in a team to allow all players to be actively involved.
  • The appropriate length of pitch to allow bowlers and batters to progressively develop their skills, including running between the wickets.
  • Having appropriate boundary sizes to experience success, while also highlighting the importance of fielding.
  • Having an appropriate game length to keep players engaged but also allows opportunity for skill to develop.

Based on the extensive research and insight provided in the findings, we feel that this is a positive step forward and it is our desire to give leagues, clubs, coaches and players the chance to implement these formats and help shape the overall playing experience going forward.

The Lancashire Cricket Foundation are adopting the pitch lengths and other appropriate elements as recommended for the programmes that we administer – County Age Groups, District Cricket, Regional Cricket and Junior Competitions.

We appreciate that there may be questions or concerns and will aim to provide further guidance and information as it is provided. We continually welcome feedback around the adoption of these formats by contacting your local Club & Community Cricket Manager.

A copy of the ECB RECOMMENDED JUNIOR FORMATS document is attached HERE for your reference.

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