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Dear Club Safeguarding Officers,

There is some confusion and concern throughout clubs regarding the recent change to scorers and DBS. It is important that your clubs know the reasons as to why and how, this decision was made. Can you please provide your Club Safeguarding Officers with a communication to address this, so they, with your support, are able to answer any further queries on this matter. Detailed below is some useful information to communicate to your Club SO’s:

As a matter of good governance, the ECB regularly reviews its safeguarding guidance to ensure it reflects the latest in safeguarding best practice. The role of a scorer was reviewed last year, and the legal advice received indicated that in general the role of a scorer does not in law meet the threshold to be a role requiring an enhanced DBS check. These requirements are set and applied in law. Our guidance was updated as a result.

However, there may be scenarios where a scorer moves into regulated activity and an enhanced DBS would be required.

It is important to note that DBS checks are not the sole means of safeguarding in a sports environment and indeed should not be relied upon as such. The ECB’s safeguarding guidance to the 5,000 cricket clubs in England and Wales advises that clubs should follow safeguarding best practice. Participation in all activity within cricket, regardless of whether it is DBS checked or not, should be subject to the same level of risk assessment and safeguarding standards to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

Most scorers are volunteers, and their activity is overseen by your Club Safeguarding Officer who is trained and supported by you, as County Safeguarding Officer.  

Thank you for your understanding and support in sending this message out to your clubs.

Safeguarding Team

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