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On August 14th, a momentous occasion unfolded at Cheetham Hill Cricket Club as they proudly launched their brand new non-turf cricket wicket. This event marked the triumphant return of cricket to the community after a period of absence. It was a celebration that brought together diverse communities and stakeholders, reaffirming the power of unity in sport.


The launch was a vibrant affair, attended by over 40 families, who brought along their eager children to participate in engaging and interactive cricket sessions. The presence of players from the Manchester Originals team added a touch of excitement and expertise to the event, as they provided coaching and valuable insights to the aspiring young cricketers. The children were also treated to a host of merchandise giveaways, adding to the festive atmosphere.


This new facility is not just a cricket wicket; it's a symbol of hope and opportunity. It has been secured to host a variety of cricket programs, reaching out to diverse segments of the community. From community-based groups to women and girls, young adults, and even visually impaired individuals, this facility promises to be a hub of cricketing activities, fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging.


With the launch of the non-turf cricket wicket, Cheetham Hill Sports Club proudly declares, "Cricket is back!" It is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the community and stakeholders to revive the sport and provide a platform for all to enjoy and excel in the game. This momentous occasion symbolizes the enduring spirit of cricket as a unifying force that brings communities together.

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