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Scoring Success: Michael’s Achievements and Future Plans in Officiating

Michael has taken full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Young Officials Academy. He has completed a huge range of experiences that span various aspects of officiating and scoring.

His dedication is evident in his involvement in multiple indoor girl's tournaments, where he has showcased his skills and understanding of the game in a high-energy environment. Michael has also actively participated in the Super 1s competition, showcasing his ability to adapt and perform in a diverse range of settings.

At his local club, Michael has contributed significantly by both scoring and umpiring at senior and junior games. His commitment to these roles has not only benefited his local club but has also provided him with valuable practical experience.

One of his achievements includes attending the Thunder score-a-long event, where he gained insights and skills from professional scorers in a real-time match setting.

So far, Michael has accumulated over 40 hours of hands-on experience in umpiring and scoring. His dedication does not end here; he has plans to continue and expand his involvement throughout the upcoming summer. This commitment highlights his passion for officiating and scoring as his continually improve and contribute to the sport

Michaels mother said " Just wanted to say a massive thank you for sorting the Young Officials. Michael has had a brilliant week umpiring for Mel today and last Tuesday and doing the scoring for the Super 1s.  Best of all is seeing Michael grow and develop in confidence."

It is National Volunteers Week and we would like to do a big shout out to all the officials across the County!

If you want to get involved please register your interest here

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