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Umpire and Scorer Education

Umpire and Scorer Education

LACO arranges all courses for officials in the county. Currently, the ECB ACO education programme consists of three courses for umpires and three main courses, with stand-alone modules for scorers:

• Umpire Stage One – for beginners with little or no experience of umpiring.

• Umpire Stage Two – builds on the knowledge gained on Stage 1 introduces best practice and field craft. Often taken in association with Stage One.

• Umpire Stage Three – for the more experienced umpire who is looking to progress to the highest levels of the club game and beyond.

A number of courses are arranged throughout the County between October and March each year with full details being available on the ECB website.

Courses for scorers are as follows:

• Introduction to book scoring – a course suitable for those who haven’t scored before

• Club scorer level 1 – a book scoring course incorporating some of the laws of the game

• Level 2 – a more advanced course for scorers looking to progress further.

• There are stand-alone modules in other methods of scoring , e.g. Linear scoring, electronic scoring and the use of Duckworth Lewis

• There is also an on line scoring course at the club scorer level


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