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Prison Peer Mentoring Secondary Schools Programme

Prison Peer Mentoring Secondary Schools Programme

The programme is aimed at secondary school pupils whose behaviour is a cause for concern. The workshop is delivered by ex prisoners.

The aim of the session is to get the pupils to reflect on their current behaviour/attitude and get an appreciation of the possible consequences of continuing in the same manner.

The presentation describes the types of poor life decisions which can lead onto the wrong path highlighting examples such as the choice of ‘friends’, early warning signs not heeded, not listening to advice from teachers/parents/carers, alcohol and soft drug use at an early age. 

The hard hitting description of the judicial system and prison life with the aid of actual prison kit provokes much debate amongst the pupils.

The inmates share the impact their behaviour has had on their family and future aspirations and encourage the pupils in attendance not to make the same mistakes.

The workshop concludes with activities designed to get the pupils to analyse the influences in their life and to manage these influences more effectively.

Contact us - For further information or to book your school onto the programme please contact Maggie Parkinson, mparkinson@lancashirecricket.co.uk

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